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The first Hangover film was great, clever funny and an original idea, I loved every second of it. The second Hangover took that original idea and made it unoriginal by copying it completely apart from the location and secondary characters. I didn’t go into the Hangover 3 expecting much. I purely went out of curiosity to see if they’d make the same mistake again, but they didn’t!

With a new idea and story, we follow the characters we love through new struggles and hilarious consequences trying to track down Mr Chow for the Doug-kidnapping gangster Marshall. This film will have you laughing your ass off with Phil, gagging with Stu and staring on in bewilderment with Alan.

Explosions We get a massive freeway pile-up thanks to a giraffe head smashing through a windscreen just minutes into the film and plenty of other crashes and disasters throughout, the action has you laughing and gasping consistently. 6/10

Super Powers Chow has gone 3 films doing the things he has done and surviving them, Alan being beloved by the audience when in reality you would want that guy as far away from you as possible, Stu coming back from every adventure with something horrific happening to him and still maintaining a wife, these are all super powers in my eyes! 7/10

Attractive People Bradley Cooper and Heather Graham, witwoo! John Goodman and Zach Galifianakis, not so much 5/10

Story Being different from the first two films does this movie wonders, It was fast-paced, clever, ridiculously funny and crazy at times, extremely enjoyable 7/10

Overall Don’t be put off by Hangover 2, this film outdoes it by miles. If you like films that don’t take themselves too seriously, pack a lot of laughs and lots of mad situations then this is for you. 6.25/10



I will start by saying that I haven’t read any of Jim Grant’s books about the character the film was based on, and so I will only be reviewing  the film itself. The film begins with a massive crime and a suspect in custody who has only communicated with 3 words on a piece of paper, “Get Jack Reacher”. We are then introduced to ex-army badass Tom Cruise, who is on a one man mission to do what the police couldn’t and find out what really happened.

The film is fast-paced and exciting, but the coincidences and miracles Reacher is able to perform (whether it’s taking on 5 guys at the same time, solving mysteries an hour before the audience even knows there are mysteries to solve, and seducing a woman who is at least a foot taller than him), make the story hard to believe. Having said that, it definitely doesn’t take itself seriously which goes in the films favour.

With a new Mission Impossible on the way, and Oblivion out on DVD soon, it seems like Tom Cruise is never going to get tired of playing the one man vs the world kick-ass character, and I’m not complaining.

Explosions Everything that can blow up in this film, does blow up. Cars, people, buildings, it’s great! 10/10

Super-Powers Now being ridiculously cool isn’t technically a super-power, I’m willing to make an exception. His fighting ability, ridiculous aim with a gun and Lex Luthor-esque intellect, result in Jack Reacher being a great wannabe superhero. 7/10

Attractive People I don’t care what people say, Tom Cruise is a sexy beast! Who cares if he’s short and his body is a really weird shape, and his teeth don’t line up with the symmetry of his face, I would love to be him. The film also features Rosamund Pike, and I haven’t worked out whether or not she is good-looking, or I’ve only seen her in films with less-attractive/no women in, but I’m going to count her towards the total anyway. 6/10

Story Unfortunately the story will let this film down, as watching Tom Cruise run around and face no challenges whatsoever is a little dull, and it can be difficult to feel anything for the film. It was like watching a Superman film with no Kryptonite or aliens, there’s no threat so there’s no fun. 5/10

Overall I’d recommend watching this film but maybe only if you have a Netflix or Lovefilm account, don’t buy the DVD as you might not feel the urge to watch it again. If a Tom Cruise-heavy film is what you’re after, definitely go for Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, that film was perfect. 7/10


I’ll just start by saying I loved the first J.J. Abrams film, and it really pulled me into the Star Trek universe in a way that the films before had failed at. That’s not to say I don’t love Shatner and Stewart but after watching a CGI-filled blockbuster it’s hard to go back and watch the version with model spaceships and cheap sets. So I had high hopes for this film and I couldn’t wait to see where Abrams would take his alternate timeline masterpiece.
At the end of the first film we saw a reckless and hot-headed Kirk (Pine) overcome all odds and become the confident and collected captain of the USS Enterprise, but by the second we see he has gone back to his care-free ways, giving us two hours to see him again overcome all odds and regain his crews respect.

As for the bad-guy, Cumberbatch’s portray of suped-up psycho John Harrison was perfect. In fact it was so perfect that I found myself rooting for the villain to win at times. The film follows Kirk and Spock’s adventure whilst trying to bring terrorist Harrison to justice. It was a thrilling ride which had me never wanting the film to end, and with nerdy references to previous Star Trek films, ridiculously cool fight and space scenes, and blatant/pointless eye-candy half way through, this is a film that I will watch again and again.

Explosions The trailer didn’t hide the fact that London gets creamed. We also see Starships plummet to Earth, photon torpedoes being fired willy-nilly and a scene inside an active volcano! Explosions-a-plenty 10/10

Super-Powers A bit of information that was never really touched on in the first instalment, Vulcans are freaking cool! With his death-grip,memory-stealing, amazing fighting abilities and also a pretty sturdy skull we find out, Spock is portrayed as being far more super than any other crew member. And John Harrison is a genetically-engineered nutter who is 3x better than the average man, taking massive amounts of stuns to the chest and half an hour of being smashed around the face by Kirk, Harrison goes the entire film with a smirk on his face. 10/10

Attractive People For those of you who haven’t watched the film yet, I’m sure you will have at least heard of the incredibly pointless and misogynistic 30 seconds where we see Alice Eve stood in her underwear…I’m not complaining but I can see why actual film-critics had a field day ripping the film apart just for that scene. We also have Zoe Saldana whacking out some Klingon lingo (renowned as the sexiest language amongst trekkies), Zachary Quinto who pulls off a bowl-cut better than anyone, Chris Pine (…meh) and Alan Rickman with cheekbones (aka Benedict Cumberbatch). 7/10

Story As mentioned before, the plot conveniently moves to a place where we have Kirk again needing to redeem himself, a murderous tyrant to chase, and as many opportunities to use lens flare as Abrams could create. But it’s a movie, and in movies we like seeing a hero beat the villain and get the girl (or at least a look at her half-naked), and it ticked all those boxes. 6/10

Overall This was a great film, Abrams really out-did himself and has made me very hopeful for the new Star Wars trilogy he’ll be in charge of soon. Go watch this if you haven’t already and make sure to at least glance at the original films (it’s only courteous). 8.25/10


Having been a massive fan of Iron Man, Iron Man 2 (I admit, slightly less so) and Avengers Assemble, I couldn’t wait to see Downey Jr take to the big screen again as the ridiculously cool titular hero in Iron Man 3. But I had some reservations, following the massive super-hero team up blockbuster Avengers, could Iron Man make it on his own again?

Half an hour into the masterpiece I’d already forgotten about Tony Stark’s suped-up buddies as we followed him fight his personal demons, uncover a plot that the trailers hid perfectly and fight to rescue his one and only someone. Having said this, with such a huge Marvel universe unfolding around these films, we go the entire film (not including the 10 seconds after the credits) without a single mention of any other heroes. You’d think when a terrorist threatens America, Captain America would want to get involved…or maybe Stark’s partner in science Bruce Banner would make an appearance after Iron Man is presumed dead…

This being said, the film did an amazing job of keeping the attention on Iron Man and by the end had me begging to speed up these next few years so I could get neck-deep in Marvel Phase 2.

Now using my flawless reviewing system:

Explosions We didn’t go 5 seconds in this film without something or someone blowing up, whether it was all of his suits, his amazing house or bad-guys receiving a repulsor to the face. 10/10

Super-Powers It was a film by Marvel, what do you expect?! And whilst Iron Man doesn’t have any actual powers, flying around and shooting lasers out of his chest is good enough for me. 10/10

Attractive People Robert Downey Jr (aka the guy with the beard I’ve failed to match on several occations), Gwyneth Paltrow (who has been doing crunches since Avengers it seems). Guy Pearce (seen as though the last film I saw him in was Prometheus, it’s hard not to look attractive compared to an 100 year old version of yourself) and Ben Kingsley (what can I say, bling looks good on this guy!) 8/10

Story Oh yeah I always forget about this one, the story was good and I was completely thrown off by the trailers which meant the film surprised me again and again. It made it on it’s own without needing to name-drop the Avengers (but I wish they did!). 7/10

Overall I thought the film was great, but to be honest, I’d have said that if it was just 2 hours of staring at the Iron Man suit. I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys being thoroughly entertained and sat on the edge of their seat. I’d definitely watch it again. 8.75/10