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The first Hangover film was great, clever funny and an original idea, I loved every second of it. The second Hangover took that original idea and made it unoriginal by copying it completely apart from the location and secondary characters. I didn’t go into the Hangover 3 expecting much. I purely went out of curiosity to see if they’d make the same mistake again, but they didn’t!

With a new idea and story, we follow the characters we love through new struggles and hilarious consequences trying to track down Mr Chow for the Doug-kidnapping gangster Marshall. This film will have you laughing your ass off with Phil, gagging with Stu and staring on in bewilderment with Alan.

Explosions We get a massive freeway pile-up thanks to a giraffe head smashing through a windscreen just minutes into the film and plenty of other crashes and disasters throughout, the action has you laughing and gasping consistently. 6/10

Super Powers Chow has gone 3 films doing the things he has done and surviving them, Alan being beloved by the audience when in reality you would want that guy as far away from you as possible, Stu coming back from every adventure with something horrific happening to him and still maintaining a wife, these are all super powers in my eyes! 7/10

Attractive People Bradley Cooper and Heather Graham, witwoo! John Goodman and Zach Galifianakis, not so much 5/10

Story Being different from the first two films does this movie wonders, It was fast-paced, clever, ridiculously funny and crazy at times, extremely enjoyable 7/10

Overall Don’t be put off by Hangover 2, this film outdoes it by miles. If you like films that don’t take themselves too seriously, pack a lot of laughs and lots of mad situations then this is for you. 6.25/10