About me

Hi, I’m just like you, someone who loves film and also occasionally uses a review or two to get a good idea of whether I’d like a film before seeing it. But I’ve found no reviews that rate a film with the same score I would, this is obvious though, I am in a minority of people who think sci-fi is the coolest thing around, serious or quirky films are a waste of time, and super-heroes are perfect in every way.
And so I’ve decided to create my own reviews using a ratings system given by the average score for the categories titled “Explosions”, “Super Powers”, “Attractive People” and “Story”. I’ve found that with these 4 criteria met, I’ll enjoy the film. As an example, Submarine, a film by Richard Ayoade, was given 8.7/10 by rotten tomatoes, using my system it would have received 0.5/10 and had I know it would have been 0.5/10 I wouldn’t have gone to the cinema and suffered through that entire monstrosity.
Anyway, I hope you like what you read here and like me want a review for people who enjoy fun films, feel free to leave a comment if you did or didn’t appreciate a review or give me suggestions for more films. Thanks for reading.

  1. Anonymous says:

    More movies please!

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