Star Trek: Into Darkness – The enterprising review

Posted: June 2, 2013 in Reviews
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I’ll just start by saying I loved the first J.J. Abrams film, and it really pulled me into the Star Trek universe in a way that the films before had failed at. That’s not to say I don’t love Shatner and Stewart but after watching a CGI-filled blockbuster it’s hard to go back and watch the version with model spaceships and cheap sets. So I had high hopes for this film and I couldn’t wait to see where Abrams would take his alternate timeline masterpiece.
At the end of the first film we saw a reckless and hot-headed Kirk (Pine) overcome all odds and become the confident and collected captain of the USS Enterprise, but by the second we see he has gone back to his care-free ways, giving us two hours to see him again overcome all odds and regain his crews respect.

As for the bad-guy, Cumberbatch’s portray of suped-up psycho John Harrison was perfect. In fact it was so perfect that I found myself rooting for the villain to win at times. The film follows Kirk and Spock’s adventure whilst trying to bring terrorist Harrison to justice. It was a thrilling ride which had me never wanting the film to end, and with nerdy references to previous Star Trek films, ridiculously cool fight and space scenes, and blatant/pointless eye-candy half way through, this is a film that I will watch again and again.

Explosions The trailer didn’t hide the fact that London gets creamed. We also see Starships plummet to Earth, photon torpedoes being fired willy-nilly and a scene inside an active volcano! Explosions-a-plenty 10/10

Super-Powers A bit of information that was never really touched on in the first instalment, Vulcans are freaking cool! With his death-grip,memory-stealing, amazing fighting abilities and also a pretty sturdy skull we find out, Spock is portrayed as being far more super than any other crew member. And John Harrison is a genetically-engineered nutter who is 3x better than the average man, taking massive amounts of stuns to the chest and half an hour of being smashed around the face by Kirk, Harrison goes the entire film with a smirk on his face. 10/10

Attractive People For those of you who haven’t watched the film yet, I’m sure you will have at least heard of the incredibly pointless and misogynistic 30 seconds where we see Alice Eve stood in her underwear…I’m not complaining but I can see why actual film-critics had a field day ripping the film apart just for that scene. We also have Zoe Saldana whacking out some Klingon lingo (renowned as the sexiest language amongst trekkies), Zachary Quinto who pulls off a bowl-cut better than anyone, Chris Pine (…meh) and Alan Rickman with cheekbones (aka Benedict Cumberbatch). 7/10

Story As mentioned before, the plot conveniently moves to a place where we have Kirk again needing to redeem himself, a murderous tyrant to chase, and as many opportunities to use lens flare as Abrams could create. But it’s a movie, and in movies we like seeing a hero beat the villain and get the girl (or at least a look at her half-naked), and it ticked all those boxes. 6/10

Overall This was a great film, Abrams really out-did himself and has made me very hopeful for the new Star Wars trilogy he’ll be in charge of soon. Go watch this if you haven’t already and make sure to at least glance at the original films (it’s only courteous). 8.25/10


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